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Occu-Math Lab

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Occu-Math Lab is designed to show students how math is used in the context of real jobs. Fourteen different measuring tools used in major occupational clusters are used to show students in a hands-on format how math applies to the real world.

Occu-Math Lab consists of 13 individual modules based on major occupational clusters: Agriculture, Auto Mechanics, Business, Construction, Cosmetology, Drafting, Electronics, Family/Consumer Science, Foods, Health Service, Graphics, Metals, and Technology. The modules are organized in color-coded hanging file folders and packaged in a sturdy plastic carrying case. Each individual lab activity includes a laminated how to sheet, a color transparency, a real job based measuring instrument, and multiple applied problem solving activity sheets. The package also includes a remediation and review component loaded with reproducible activity sheets. Math skills can be taught in conjunction with measurement tool usage. This is what school-to-work transition is all about.




Occu-Math Lab

Order Number: OMLAB

CONTENTS: Each measuring tool module listed below includes: a real tool; a color transparency of the tool; a laminated instruction sheet defining how the tool is used; multiple reproducible activity sheets which provide applied problems for students to solve and 1 site license (make as many copies for your classroom needed)



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