After installation you get the following statement (s) when trying to save or access data: "ODBC Error unable to select sql statement"  or “ODBC Error unable to find database)



You need to be able to access the database on school computers that are on a network.  In order to save to C: drive, access rights must be assigned. 



  1. Create a directory on a network drive that all logins will have full
    access to. Make sure the logins that will be accessing the databases at this
    location have (at least) Create, Delete, Read and Write access to this
    directory. I don't recall whether or not a drive-letter mapping to this
    drive is strictly necessary.

  2. Move or copy the above-mentioned files to that directory (they can both go

  3. Bring up the ODBC Administrator. That is an applet called "Data Sources
    (ODBC)" under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel

  4. Go to the System DSN tab

  5. Click on "Appropriate Database” (for example BSLT for Basic Skills Locater Test) and then "Configure ..."

  6. Click on "Select ...". You'll get a file selection dialog box. Navigate to
    the network drive where you moved bslt.mdb to. Select that file and click
    "OK". Click OK to close that setup box.

    You'll need to go through the process for each workstation, beginning with
    the Control Panel and ODBC Administrator. Once you have completed this on a
    workstation, you should be able to run those programs and access the
    database on the network drive.