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Skills Assessment Module

SAM is a standardized assessment of motor, perceptual and cognitive abilities essential for job and training success. Individuals may be assessed prior to entering a job or training program to determine how an individualís work performances correlate to critical job entry and training requirements. Aided with this information, counselors will be able to identify and recommend realistic, meaningful career goals and objectives for their students or clients.
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Work Performance Samples

Mail Sort

Digital Discrimination: Ability to visually scan and process numbers.

Clerical Verbal: Ability to scan and discriminate type written words and letters.
Visual Maze

Visual-Motor Coordination: Ability to use eye-hand coordination and visual motor skills.
Payroll Computation

Clerical/Numerical Perception: Ability to interpret detail of numerical tabulated material and numbers.
Patient Info Memo

Follows Written Instructions: Ability to accurately transpose written information.
Small Parts

Finger Dexterity: Ability to use eye-hand and fine motor coordination skills.
Ruler Reading

Measurement Skills: Ability to perform mathematical operations. Also, the ability to visually discriminate and make comparisons.
Pipe Assembly

Manual Dexterity: Ability to use hands and hand tools.
O Rings

Form Perception: Ability to use size and shape discrimination.
Block Design

Spatial Perception: Ability to perceive geometric forms and to interpret the dimensional representation of objects.
Color Sort

Color Discrimination: Ability to sort and match colors accurately.
Circuit Board

Following Diagrammed Instructions: Ability to perceive and interpret a drawing or sketch.
Auditory Directions Screen (ADS)

Following Oral Directions: Assesses ability to follow oral directions. Requires minimal basic skills, using simple shapes, numbers or two word answers.

Sample Reports